How Inflation Affects Real Estate Prices

For those studying the current decrease in real estate market prices these days, inflation is most commonly observed in relation to these very decreases. Inflation consistently affects the price of real estate across the United States. To first understand what inflation is, proves important in grasping why it can have so much affect on the cost of housing.

So, what exactly is inflation? Generally speaking, inflation is the increase in services and goods, that makes your United States dollar worth less. This can affect the purchase of groceries, travel, vehicles, and especially the housing market.

There are many theories on inflation that have been studied over many years. Authors and business persons write books on the topic every day, whiles others read the books and try to create their very own theories on the subject. At this point in time, there are two types of inflation changes that can drastically affect the status of the economy – therefore, real estate. The first, and most significant in relation to housing, is cost-push inflation.

Cost-push inflation is when price of goods and services go up to the consumer, as the costs to own and operate the companies that create these goods and services, begins to increase. In a sense, the companies ‘push’ their increase in operating costs onto the consumers of their goods and services.

In relation to the housing market, companies that may build homes, give or broker loans, sell construction materials, etc. must also then push their costs onto the consumer. This making the real estate market prices rise for those looking to buy. In which case, market researchers would deem this point in time a ‘sellers-market’ in real estate.

So, how does inflation relate to the decrease in housing costs? When inflation hits its peak, or as market researchers define it, when the cost of living becomes too high for the consumer to handle, the cost of housing decreases. We as the United State are currently in this market, which we know as, a ‘buyer’s market’. As the cost of goods have hit an irregular high, the cost of real estate across the globe has become outrageously affordable for all.

Real estate investors wait for moments in time, like now, to invest in rental properties, home upgrades, and other investments they can hold onto until the market turns. For the average family, the cost of buying a new house, or constructing a new house is also at an all-time low.

So, whether you have been waiting for the right time to invest in Nacogdoches real estate, or property in Maine, inflation has temporarily made this cost-effective pricing window available. Inflation will make a change again, soon enough, so why not take advantage of the low prices the real estate market currently has to offer? Invest in your dream home today.